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A withered petals

In a small poor village, a little girl with dark skin, living alone in the. Soil Diaozha face and be scanty of words nature that all adults are extremely hate her. Her greatest joy is, in the country to play in the evening, grandma and grandpa eat dinner dedicated a long whip urged her to go home. If only this time, she can deeply appreciate being remembered happiness.
In a brilliant Yamahana spring day, the little girl be jubilant to Hill Street picking wild fruit, several flower small daisy, can not help but stop and stay.
"A Ju... Chrysanthemum... Where are you?" While the little girl stared at the sight of the Little Daisy, suddenly came a small partner ah Qian sound in the ear.
"Qian, here I am. Here are a few Duohuaye!" The little girl immediately respond.
Ah Qian is a naivete little girl, had heard about the flowers in front, then ran to catch up, catch a glimpse of the eyes of the Little Daisy, but was disappointed to hum two: "pull! I thought it was pretty flowers! Such a small dot flowers have what good-looking?!!" Say that finish, ah Qian ran to the wider world!
A handsome do not know, that day chrysanthemum was born, it is in full bloom day daisy. Little Daisy, chrysanthemum as bearing life.
At the moment, stood for A Ju, finally has the courage to the Little Daisy a tender hand out also. Because of excessive force, a petal unfortunately out of flower, slowly falling to the ground.
The twinkling of an eye, the ear chrysanthemum in came a voice:
"Hello, my name is vision, is the desire to wish, beauty of the scene, I was a fall from heaven flora. What's your name?"
Aju paused, turned quickly have a look behind the little boy, fell in a soft voice:
"Hello, my name is A Ju. My grandma said, the day I was born, all over the mountains and plains are covered with small white daisies, so help me named A Ju."
The self styled goddess named vision boy brilliant smile, he mysteriously said of chrysanthemum:
"A Ju, I'll tell you a secret, you do not tell others yo!"
See chrysanthemum slightly nodded, the little boy went to the ears and authentic chrysanthemum:
"I tell you, a petal fall represents a wish come true."
Say that finish, he removed A Ju's ear, and then deliberately raise the voice: "A Ju, you have just witnessed a petal falls off, I now allows you to make a wish. No matter what Xu is desire, as long as it does not violate the moral ethics, I have the ability to help you to achieve it."
"Is? You just said that you are God, is it true? Flora can help people achieve the desire?" Chrysanthemum was very puzzled and asked the little boy.  

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Fly cage

Maybe you can't imagine, is make every attempt to cheat in a psychiatric hospital is what taste.
I traveled every ward, can see the grim, patient medical personnel tears are innocent, they cried out, try to hysteria is still no one care, not wake any personal conscience.
In fact, every mental patients heart has a pair of wings, they can draw the world for us, but they might be too immersed in the self world cannot extricate oneself, so do not understand, only then Months and years pass by. stuck, they have lost freedom opportunity, also lost to yearn for life.
Our admission, confiscated all items, even food, even underwear, we can cooperate with them, we have no fun every day. This way of life completely than prison, to the blue sky is my greatest gratitude to see every day, I just sat in the corner all around, coldly watching, I had to pretend to be numb to escape the nurse scolded.
"You can, help my hair?"
I looked up, saw a pair of watery eyes. If I remember correctly, it should be me the same ward, sleep in the near the gate position of the patient, so she asked with great care, just trying to get me to like her family hair for her, I just smile, in the face of this beautiful girl, I couldn't refuse.
I'm clumsy but carefully combing her hair, her hair is very beautiful, very soft, golden color set off her white face, is really a beautiful girl, but I don't know, can fully take care of why she always ask others to give her my hair.
She has asked me to continue, until my numb hands, she did not let me stop meaning, I watched her dull such as water look, but also like to enjoy.
Finally, she took my hand comb, asked me: "my beauty?"
I replied: "you are beautiful."
She satisfied smile, and then leave.
All the day, everyone in the room is quiet, whether it is drinking, sleeping, or by the nurses call to check, do electrotherapy, everybody is quiet. The whole room, I can only hear what she has been piecemeal said, I really want to know who she's talking to her, but this time, do not seem to hear us speak.
After she came to me to help her with her hair, I asked her: "why do you always in the automatic speaking?"
She wondered aloud: "I have no automatic speaking, I fly, I told my mother in the chat."
I laughed, laugh very helpless, I feel very sad, a person go live such a wild days in the hospital, I was as a little girl, can try by hook to look for sth., can see the missing loved ones, and I, even if it is just a dream had not done.
Here, do not dream, what can you do?
The little girl every day there is puzzling move, but only the same is to give her my hair. One day she asked me when the hair: "sister, you know why I let you give my hair?"
I am one Leng, this is what I've always wanted to know.
"Because I have a very famous dear sister, she is very beautiful, did a lot of play, I should be as beautiful as she is, you help me with my hair, I feel particularly beautiful."
This is the original, but what time she has a movie's sister? Must be my imagination.
"Who is your sister?" I continue to ask, "did what play?"  

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That year, the month, those things

Small when, as long as I can remember, I rarely eat a decent meal of white Steamed Rice. Summer eat yams, winter eat radish. Cooking porridge had to use it, these are sun dried, left to eat slowly. These became the staple food, the pot few meters. White Steamed Rice only in a dream to see, as we when enjoy, every time before my mother told me to cook radish cut into the size of a grain of rice, so our ignorance of these pick and choose.
To my benefit at the guests, guests walk my soup's, even to remember what relatives, we didn't touch what light. Because of our brothers and sisters, five, with his father, mother, a table full of. Unless a customer, we will have the opportunity on the table and eat, but few such opportunities. General to the guests before dinner, father will make our first brother and sister to play outside, the guests have finished before we go home, also can eat some of the guests to eat the leftovers. Most also only fish soup, broth or vegetable soup and the like. Now think about it, then why not give our guests leave some meat, fish! Sometimes even the white Steamed Rice cannot enjoy, had shovel some crispy rice, soak with soup to fill the belly.
Remember that month, as if we had never been full belly. See people eat what good things, two eyes like copper nails like staring at. Remember that month "yellow Clay oven rolls" is a luxury. Now dozens of yuan a moon cake is not when the "yellow Clay oven rolls". Eat in the mouth is soft, fragrant, sweet. I am not exaggerating, I once had seven or eight, don't feel belly stuffed, another two still can into the stomach. You say that when the belly is what material? Like a rubber. I also can endure, full, happy when another two bowls, three bowl is not a problem.
When I was young, I remember that summer is the best day of our. Because we Xinghua is a region of rivers and lakes, summer is my day. What are the river, fish, shrimp, mud eel, fish, turtle, turtle, more is, snail, also called snail, YY, also called mussels, these readily available, which would burn up all flavor. When we are not now child's fragile, parents busy with work, no time to us. Where shall we eat, will drill where to go.
I remember one year summer, a Ge family children with me, then just seven or eight years old, after dinner people out for the work, we touch the crooked river. He is a dive down, not up. Is said to be big askew took his hand, can't let him get away. When the people know that after he pulled up from the water, long dead. His parents came back a cry. In the evening a broken reed mat will he rolled up, hastily buried before dark. The second day early in the morning his father not trust, but also to the grave to see his son, was dead, he fell on the head of the grave happily cried, a little life was over. Mouth drooling with greed, in order to eat greedily, discard the young life is constant some thing, but at that time, we that forever also cannot eat to the full, the mouth is really too greedy, greedy to put aside all the dangerous.  

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Gone, gone

All are not themselves out young hands, even see silly themselves may not feel any smile me senseless. You call this growth, but what I feel.external sound card

In the bitter and sweet anxious sun, please don't tell me who fell in love with who. It is not because of any one person of any kind of love and bright and hot, it is hot, everything is not so good Dream beauty pro.

Of course, I will be in your hand withered old yellow, mottled barge when holding it, but it has nothing to do with love. Therefore, I love those silly ridiculous for British enthusiasm people, again sigh I heart having a heart but no strength, in the wandering and wandering the embarrassing situation, his hands crossed gradually droop, blew away the time.

So, in the later day, if you see a leaning on a lonely old man soon rotten not carved camphorwood crutches, he might see him that afternoon, picked up a piece of unknown leaves in your. Please do not laugh at him, don't you full of vitality and youthful body laugh at him.Characteristics of Sequin Embroidery
Maybe he was just, just think of our youth to.  

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Liu Fumin let me forget me not

My friends and I play, I do not know you, just play with classmates, then you come out, you three day follow like a shadow sister, I do not know who, services apartment hong kong my friend like one of you, but I do not know you, you come out, I will find you you look very beautiful, very pure, attracted me you out, like an angel as holy, but not arrogant, but very amiable, I saw a moment of you, you have attracted me, let I couldn't help loving you, we play together, and soon well up, we often play together, I found that I love you more and more.

My friends often ask you about your sister's things, often comes late, I was worried about you, will accompany you, until ten, freezing my trembling, but I try to be brave, ask you very late, not to go home to your mother concerned. Then he let you go home, I go home, sleep at night when your shadow in my mind, I know I can not extricate themselves to fall in love with you, my friends know, often noisy, I not to regard it as right, then one night I told you I love you, you have no what to say, we are in the same school, I often look at you, physical education also.

Later another friend loves you, he and I said to you singled out the competition, he asked a lot of people, I said nothing, because after the evening QQ, I find you apologized, but you do not accept, I half an hour to apologize, but you put my QQ deleted, I feel good empty heart, really want to cry, but cry, I always see you, but from your sisters dislike, I love you, will not look at you I feel very empty, then you always ignore me, I can't talk to you, we can only keep silent go on, I always insist on your QQ, you can ignore, I really very painful, I wanted to put down you countless times Trade shows China, but I always fail to return, I do not, really can not do, I love you, really love, I cannot lay down you, why, why God let me meet you, let me love you but this kind to me, I really uncomfortable, I love you, I made a friend to many of you and your class, good to know your recent situation, I really love you, never give up you ever play poured over me a cup of water, I don't hate you do not bother you, I even think you pour me a cup of water now , because it can tell me you didn't go far, you are still around me, I have you drop a few drops of tears, I lost not clear, in the evening, at night, when you can't sleep, my mind is you, the eyes are before we have a pleasant talk together, I love you,embroidery patch Liu Fumin let me forget me not, really love you.  

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